Improving corporate performance

At ABM, we take a wholistic approach to finding a complete solution to your companies requirements. We understand that each project needs a tailored solution and can adapt current philosphies and technology to make sure you receive the best possible results.

Activity Based Costing

ABC is a common sense approach to managing an organisations costs & resources. Costs are traced to activities, and then to cost objects that drive the activity.

This enables costs to be traced more accurately to cost objects (eg. products, projects, services, channels, customers), rather than being misallocated.

Balanced Scorecard

The Scorecard is a performance measurement framework designed to broaden management focus from financial measures to include other perspectives such as customers, internal processes & organisational innovation.

It translates strategic vision into goals, critical success factors & key performance indicators & is very powerful when integrated with process management.

Process Management

Process analysis is the foundation of many business improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Total Quality Management and ISO 9000. Business processes are based on activity workflow.

Business processes provide a strategic framework for managing organisational activity.

Fast Close

Closing the accounts and generating consolidated reports can be a highly complex and time consuming activity, driven by multiple reporting standards and requirements (eg. IFRS, Sarbannes-Oxley, Internal Policies, Equity and Forex).

The concept of an Integrated Data Model (IDM), supported by rules engines, BI and other tools can accelerate closing the books, and integrate internal and external reporting.

Beyond Budgeting

Concepts like scenario planning, output and driver based budgeting, and rolling forecasting are driving far better plans, yet radically reducing the time taken to generate financial outlooks.

We improve enterprise performance using global leading management practices and systems to drive better: Strategic planning, Budgeting & forecasting, Costing & expense allocation (ABC), Reporting & Analytics Process improvement, Performance measurement Profitability…

Budget Forecasting Data Visualisation Data Warehousing

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At ABM, we believe in enabling you to do risk and cost free evaluations as to the best way to solve your management system needs.

That means we typically sit side by side with you so that you get hands-on experience in seeing how solutions work for your corporation, and how good we are at working collaboratively with you to help solve issues and position you for the greatest success.

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