23 August, 2016

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Full Steam Ahead: CFOs On Board with Automation. 40% percent of CFOs are being driven to automation because they are pressured to deliver faster, higher quality insights to executives and operational stakeholders.

Using tech to your advantage, Sean Price explains how law enforcement can use analytics to transform for the better:

This week is National Volunteer Week, and it’s a big one for the Adaptive Insights family. Read their latest blog to find out the two ways nonprofits have made an impact.

Mature reporting requires the capture & integration of data from multiple sources. Gartner highlights the importance of investing in real-time analytics tools to help find the whole story in data:

Video: QlikSense Introduction

Introductory Video illustrating how to build and use, reporting and analytical apps using Qlik Sense.

“Smart visualisations, help you quickly find meaning by intelligently summarising vast amounts of complex data and revealing actionable insights.”


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