26 October, 2015

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Embedded BI puts analytics in the apps users already know and love. Find out how to do it right:

When dealing with #BI and #DataAnalytics platforms Mike Saliter knows filtering "the pretenders" from "the contenders" isn't easy. Luckily, he has some advice to help you find the expert your business needs:

Using Excel to analyze data is a bit like knocking stones together to make fire. Get the right tech and become a #KnowItAll.

How are companies using #Data4Good? Gartner explains how Qlik's Change Our World program linked C40 Cities to software and expertise making data and analytics a major part of the work to combat climate change.

On-demand Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn and see examples of how to better analyse, segment, and target customers to increase conversion rates and revenue. Learn how you can manage and analyse sales performance and pipeline against goals and targets or how you can explore customer and sales data to better identify targets for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, promotions, and new products.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

1. Uncover new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

2. Increase conversion and boost revenue

3. Identify risks to revenue and test potential solutions

4. Improve pipeline control and revenue performance

5. Track your sales performance against goals

+1 Be more efficient, explore actual data on the road


Presented by: Michael Horin, Client Solutions Manager, ABM Systems


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