17 July, 2016

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If it worked for Red, it can work for you. See how the #WholeStory can help you make the right choices:

Congratulations to the team for successfully completing the move!

Imagine a world where data is unified. See how you can make this new world a reality:

Learn from 2017 and charge through 2018, a good start is to read through the Q3 2017 CFO Indicator Report: Race to a single source of truth.

How to Video: How to create customise groups in QlikSense

We explain how to assign different user groups, with different levels of security, to streams in the Qlik Sense Management Console.

“The Qlik Management Console (QMC) is a web-based application for configuring and administrating your Qlik Sense site. The QMC always connects to the central Qlik Sense node where all system data is stored and with which all local nodes synchronize.”


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