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Company Background

AUB Group Limited is the leading equity-based risk management, advice and solutions provider in Australasia.
The Group represents over one million client policies, via some 135 partner businesses that span 425 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Combined, AUB Group have over 3,500 client serving employees, and cover over $4.5 Billion in policy premium.

Client Challenges

Shortly after implementing Adaptive Insights for planning, the business wanted to automate the loading of financial data from their General Ledger system, which was to include Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet balances and transactions data.
The source was 67 instances of the source General Ledger system.
Previously these data uploads were manual, complex, time-consuming and did not lend itself in keeping Adaptive Planning synchronised with the financial data of the business.
AUB Group required a system that would update Adaptive Planning with the latest financial information every half hour as well as provide the ability to load a specific period, from the current or prior year, manually.
Additionally, the system needed error handling routines to inform business users of any new or unmapped elements as well as any processing and connectivity errors.


After evaluating solutions and proposals from various service providers, AUB chose ABM Systems to design and implement our solution based on Adaptive’s Data Integration and Pentaho ETL.
Adaptive’s Data Integration module has the ability to handle multiple data extracts from various systems, as well as perform complex data transformations. It integrates securely with Adaptive Planning in the cloud.

Application overview

Adaptive Data Integration is a module that acts as a secure bridge to import data into Adaptive Insights from a wide variety of data sources including spreadsheets and other flat files, databases and other systems.
It can also export data from Adaptive back to these data sources.
Details on this integration process and other Adaptive Integration features and offerings are available on ABM Systems website.


The end solution provided AUB Group with the ability to load data from General Ledger databases across 67 business entities.
The integration provides AUB Group an automated process that updates Adaptive Planning actuals every half hour with current and prior year’s financial balances and transactional data. It also provides the business users with the ability to upload a single period’s financial balances and transactional data for either current or prior year, on demand.
The automated and manual processes also have error handing to alert users of new cost centres, new accounts and new transactional dimensions not in Adaptive Planning.
In addition, the process alerts the internal IT administration as well as ABM support of any data connectivity issues or routine failures during the integration process.
AUB Group are now able to view the latest financial data and reconcile it with the corresponding transactions across their business areas. This allows combined group reporting in near real time.


Solution Overview


– AUB Group Limited


– Insurance


– Listed


– Manual and complex upload processes
– Lack of visibility of latest financial data for prior and current year
– No transactional information in Adaptive Insights


– Adaptive Data Integration
– Pentaho ETL
– VB script “watchdog” to detect if the schedule has stopped


– Automated and on demand integration processes
– Improved financial control
– Matching transaction data
– Improved Adaptive structure maintenance
– Visibility of latest financial data
– Consolidate reporting available in near real time


– Adaptive Insights
– AUB Group Source ERP


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