Methodology, Skills Transfer & Resources

Our methodologies, skills and resources have been developed while working with leading companies in Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States.

Our consulting philosophy is focused on skills transfer, so we work with the people who do the work to ensure the best solution.

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ABM Systems offer a range of comprehensive services that focus on transferring the skills your people require and then implement sustainable solutions rapidly. We have an extensive range of training services which we run from our training centre in Sydney, around Australia, and client sites. Our standard training courses include:

Executive Workshop

We offer a half-day awareness and focus workshop, which is a must for senior executives who are considering the implementation of Activity Based Costing, Process Improvement, and/or Balanced Scorecard. Each session includes core process definition in order to provide a framework for implementation.


This practical two-day introductory Activity Based Management course covers the ten foundations of ABM, process mapping, activity definition, storyboarding, value adding, and cost driver analysis, and implementation steps. Each session also explores system development, activity budgeting and reporting. A key feature is our interactive business improvement game, which demonstrates how to implement ABM to deliver a dramatic business improvement.


An intensive one-day Activity Based Costing course that focuses on methodology in product & customer profitability analysis. You will learn how to improve your product costing accuracy by factors of 25% to 100%, or more. This course features videos, case studies and practical hands-on exercises.


A course devoted to simplify budgeting, integrating financial forecasting into strategic and operational planning processes, and getting your staff to work together to drive a better bottom line. This course will cover output and process based planning and budgeting, earned value reporting, and the integration of financial and operational performance measures into a balanced scorecard.

Balanced Scorecard

A one day workshop for implementers that will focus on strategic planning, goal setting, defining of critical success factors and key performance indicators. Explores the critical link from business processes to performance measurement and management.

Strategy Mapping

A one day workshop covering strategy development focused on translating your financial goals into the value proposition/s that your customers will act on, then to the underlying business processes required to deliver on the promise, and the human and technological capital required.


A creative one day course where you will learn how to add five-dimensional value to your business. These tools and techniques will help your company become more effective, efficient and grow in profitability.

proDacapo Intro

This is an online one-day introductory course for proDacapo system users. This course will cover system set up and basic information to ensure users build robust systems.

proDacapo Expert

A comprehensive five-day advanced course which is focused on developing a first-rate ABM system. You learn how to integrate ABC, process improvement and the Balanced Scorecard using proDacapo as an ongoing system.


Our Skills Transfer and Rollout (STaR) methodology is designed to help you implement ABC, Process Improvement and the Balanced Scorecard. It is a structured implementation program comprising theoretical and on-the-job practical training to provide your people with the skills to complete high-quality implementations in two to four months.


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At ABM, we believe that the key to delivering outstanding solutions is to employ outstanding people.

We employ smart people, who take pride in using their education, skills, and experience to understand complex business problems quickly and work with stakeholders at all levels to implement practical solutions that deliver fast and enduring results.

Speak with one of our experts today and find out how we can optimise your business.