At ABM, we take a wholistic approach to finding a complete solution to your companies requirements. We understand that each project needs a tailored solution and can adapt current philosophies and technology to make sure you receive the best possible results.
  • historyActivity Based Costing
    ABC is a common sense approach to managing an organisations costs & resources. Costs are traced to activities, and then to cost objects that drive the activity. This enables costs to be traced more accurately to cost objects (eg. products, projects, services, channels, customers), rather than being misallocated.

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  • account_balance_walletBalanced Scorecard
    The Scorecard is a performance measurement framework designed to broaden management focus from financial measures to include other perspectives such as customers, internal processes & organisational innovation. It translates strategic vision into goals, critical success factors & key performance indicators & is very powerful when integrated with process management.

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  • assignment_turned_inProcess Management
    Process analysis is the foundation of many business improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering, Total Quality Management and ISO 9000. Business processes are based on activity workflow. Business processes provide a strategic framework for managing organisational activity.

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  • fast_forwardFast Close
    Closing the accounts and generating consolidated reports can be a highly complex and time consuming activity, driven by multiple reporting standards and requirements (eg. IFRS, Sarbannes-Oxley, Internal Policies, Equity and Forex). The concept of an Integrated Data Model (IDM), supported by rules engines, BI and other tools can accelerate closing the books, and integrate internal and external reporting.

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  • trending_upBeyond Budgeting
    Concepts like scenario planning, output and driver based budgeting, and rolling forecasting are driving far better plans, yet radically reducing the time taken to generate financial outlooks.

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Cloud Capabilities

Cloud facilities will make deployment easier for your organisation. The cloud is quick, simple and more secure than ever before, allowing your development team a fast way to prototype at a much smaller start up price than setting up a local infrastructure.

Data for Smarter Decision Making

Cloud based analytics systems convert raw data into meaningful intelligence for you to make informed decisions. Immediate insight into your sales and inventory will make sure you are able to keep up with demand, improve your margins and maintain a standard of excellence with your clients.

Accessibility to important data gives companies the power to make accurate decisions that could leverage businesses. Not only does it provide useful data, it also allows companies to make decisions faster and more efficiently than before.

Companies can maximise the use of analytics when they share the discussion to as many employees as needed. Ever heard of the saying “two heads are better than one?” A group is usually able to analyse data better and reach objective and informed decisions compared to just one person.

Data Visualisation

The data your organisation stores is vitally important but the amount of data can grow to extraordinary volumes. Analysing this is a resource intensive undertaking. By visualising your data, you can quickly identify key points of interest, and make a more informed investigation. Data visualisation also makes it easier to spot trends and reduce your information fatigue and means you spend less time on interpretation and more on decision making.

Analytics to Keep You Updated

The industry is diverse and a shift can happen at a rapid pace, so it is not unusual that established organisations are surpassed by smaller start-ups. Using analytics you can make relevant innovations to keep up with your client’s demands or industry trends to secure your organisation from instability in an ever changing environment. The market is a fickle place and change their tastes as fashions come and go, and they are easily swayed by “better” offers. Analytics can give you insights into the behaviours of your target market.

Distinct Benefits

  • – Captures a baseline for your organisation
  • – Provides you with immediate results which you can use to plan initiatives
  • – Allows you to re-measure your organisation over time and view how your maturity is progressing by storing your results.
  • – Provides capability to benchmark your results against peer organisations and industry
  • – Future ability to track maturity in all areas of information management

Converging information from disparate sources into relevant and timely intelligence, is a key benefit of business intelligence.

Business intelligence and data warehousing can provide the systems, tools, processes and governance to help organisations manage information more effectively – converting data from disparate sources into high-quality information that is consistent, actionable and useful to drive competitive advantage. Deloitte helps companies utilise their valuable data resources through effective use of the right technology, backed by a clear vision and strong executive sponsorship. This approach can allow specific functional areas, such as finance, supply chain, human resources, sales and marketing and customer service to uniformly interact with each other in response to organizational issues and opportunities. With the ever increasing complexity and volume of data, the rise of in-memory, high performance computing, data discovery and visualisation solutions and the convergence of Big Data and Advanced Analytics, organisations are faced with increasing number of choices to ensure they are able to exploit their data assets for maximum advantage. Deloitte is able to draw from its vast global experience delivering complex BI/DW solutions for our clients across the full spectrum of technology and business domains to provide the right strategic advice to help an organisation respond effectively to these changes – as well as partner with our clients to execute on our recommendations.


We ask bold questions and find unexpected answers. The most successful business strategies are built around the art of the impossible. We design business transformations for leadership in the digital age.

We know that what you do matters more than what you say.

Customers and employees are won and lost by the quality of your experience, not solely by the promises you make. We blend analytics, design and development to create authentic interactions that create meaningful business impact.

Our Strategy

Armed with global leading management practices and systems, ABM people enjoy sitting side by side with you to address real world problems. We give hands-on experience with our solutions, and the confidence you need to go forward, quickly and cost effectively. ABM Systems develops business transformations for leadership in the digital age.

The ABM Experience

Developing a quality experience is vital to maintain excellent customer/employee relations. By understanding your organisations unique requirements, ABM Systems will create a positive business solution by combining analytics, design and technology.


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At ABM, we believe that the key to delivering outstanding solutions is to employ outstanding people.

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