“More data was created today than from the dawn of civilization until 2013”

The capability of organisations to transform data to information, and information to intelligence has truly become the last remaining source of competitive differentiation.

52% of Fortune 500 firms from 2000 are gone. On average only 15% of companies fail because of a changing market or shift in the forces that affect their company. The fast majority fail from internal inefficiencies and the inability to realise their true POTENTIAL.

ABM Systems will help you to unleash the potential in your business and in your people.

Business Strategy

Business strategy involves answering the question: “How shall we compete in this business?”

ABM Systems will guide you through the process of understanding the three areas that will influence the answer.

  • – Run better. Become more efficient by identifying areas to cut costs and reduce risk.
  • – Grow faster. Improve operations, client experience and performance to drive revenue and increased net profit.
  • – Change what you do. Identify new areas of operations that will help you transform what your business does and drive accelerated growth.

Specific strategy services include:

  • – Enterprise Information Strategy
  • – Digital transformation
  • – Performance optimisation
  • – Performance management
  • – Decision making audit
  • – Millennial engagement
  • – Business transformation

Digital Strategy

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Customer expectations are significantly different, necessitating the transformation of how they are serviced. The cost and length of time to transform service delivery is significantly reduced. In addition, the traditional lines between industries and the competitive landscape have become blurred. Telcos are becoming banks. Retailers are becoming credit facilities.

If your business is not considering how it can digitally transform, it runs the risk of no longer being competitive.

Technology Strategy

Now more than ever, the opportunity exists for IT to deliver exceptional business value. Leveraging current and future technology can be a catalyst for a business to thrive. Having an agile IT strategy that delivers insight into how the business can be optimised and even transformed is critical.

Decision Inc. has experienced consultants that understand how operational and disruptive technologies impact industry, people, processes and business models. Combined with business insight, our consultants help you derive true value from investments, and guide you to your next steps in achieving your plans. We will help develop strategies that are practical, effective and quick to implement.

Specific technology services we offer:

  • – Data strategy
  • – Technology value review
  • – BI maturity
  • – Cloud readiness
  • – Mobility
  • – Data governance




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At ABM, we believe that the key to delivering outstanding solutions is to employ outstanding people.

We employ smart people, who take pride in using their education, skills, and experience to understand complex business problems quickly and work with stakeholders at all levels to implement practical solutions that deliver fast and enduring results.

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