Information is key to this strategy and organisations that hope to be successful in the future need to understand their customer even more than before. The way the customer experiences your business and how well you can tailor that experience to their needs will be crucial to compete in today’s economy.

ABM Systems’ Growth Solutions provide companies with solutions that enable them to analyse, manage and engage with the customers far more effectively. Our growth teams work with your business to understand your growth strategy and develop solutions that enable you to unleash your potential.

Customer Analytics

The capability of organisations to transform data to information, and information to intelligence has truly become the last remaining source of competitive differentiation.

Customer Analytics needs to form the centre of any growth strategy and organisations need to invest in analytics applications that not only enable them to look at the performance of their customer historically and to budget, but to understand behavior and how to influence their sales to customers.

  • – Sales Analytics
  • – Customer Growth
  • – Forecasting and Optimization
  • – Market analysis

Customer Engagement

The way you engage with your clients and the platforms you provide them to experience your business is a critical success factor to any business. Organisations need to understand the channels available to them to service clients and leverage these to grow and transform their business

  • – Self Service
  • – Mobility
  • – Portals and websites
  • – Social Analytics
  • – Digital Marketing

Customer Management

Technology can provide organisations with easy and effective ways to manage your clients and the activity that is going on between the parties. Relationship Management and engagement applications are key sources in enabling your sales force to develop pipeline to growth the business

  • – CRM
  • – Sales Force Automation
  • – Training
  • – Change Management

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